This Mask of Mine


I was so used to pretending,

that I forget who I really was,

where I came from,

and what the façade I was presenting,


I confused the mask I was wearing,

with myself and became lost.

Lost in the land of ill-considered decisions.

And with each bad decision,

the mask I was wearing became

tighter and I had to keep it on.

It was if it had come to life

and was now trying to take mine.

It fused itself with my flesh, and

it became me, and I disappeared

from sight.

Where once I stood tall for all to see,

I am now but a Shadow of me.

The Mask I once wore as protection

had betrayed me and taken me for itself.

My Mask and my mind now fused.

I became My Mask and it became me.




A lack of dabaucheree

A detainee by decree,

unable to flee the twee.

A metaphysical amputee,

left with no repartee.

Just the bourgeoisie,

and a Jamboree.


A Fleur-de-lis, clipped,

not free, to feel her Esprit.

A refugee, a detainee,

forced to her knees, she

cannot be grandee.

She wants to be again,

but all she feels is…




Virgin Money – The Curse of Christmas

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 19.10.59


Virgin Money! It’s all over The High Street, vulgar in it’s sudden appearance, engulfing a cityscape that could not be improved through decoration– fact – and especially decoration so vulgar on so many levels. They have turned it into a garish nightmare just in time for the festivities, a time where we’re forced in to being jolly about getting into debit to pay for the Capitalist Trope that has become Christmas. Debt they get rich off, while we get poorer, as we find it harder to get back up to a level of debt where we are not just paying for the fat cats luxury, their massive Christmas bonuses.


All the while we are chronically out of pocket, they are not even on that continuum – you know the Acute to Chronic/short-term through to long-term continuum. They don’t even feel the pinch, because we’ve already paid for their Christmas on interest paid on debts from last Christmas!


Virgin Money – a grotesque and ostentatious proposition, one that we are meant to just accept – Virgin Money? What the fuck! It’s all over our High Street, it’s using thousands of pounds of electricity from the Grid, emitting kilos of CO2 into our atmosphere, and creating an effectual imbalance in our delicate eco-systems.  This makes Virgin Money’s visual display even more vulgar in it’s conception. Virgin Money…virgin money…I can’t stop saying it over to myself in disbelieve that they have the audacity to impose their values on us in such an ostentatious and Anti-Green display.Values that place money over everything else that exists in humanity!It’s almost as if they are trying to distract us further, create more spin on the noise that pollutes our cultures.


I’ve got something to say to you Virgin! Your money is not virgin money, it is not pure like a virgin or naive like a virgin! Your money is tainted with the blood of millions of innocent people killed in your wars; your money is tainted with hundreds of years of oppression and inequality; your suggestion of “virgin” money displays your ignorance, your blindness and your stupidity that has been bred into your greedy mind. Your Virgin Money is paradoxical in its concept and in its ideals! Virgin Money – It’s Absurd!

A Conversation with Elitism Ltd.


“What school did you go to anyway?”

The basic retort of the ruler straight classes, unable to

relate to those outside there class. There shop closed to

those other than there own. There ignorance abound,

bound up in years of self-entitlement, bored into there

genetic make-up and bound to bore the fuck out

the rest of . Their topics of conversation limited to;

their class, their money, name dropping their famous

chums. Ignorant to the ways of those in a different class.

Their inbred stupidity oozing out: there scorn bred

through ignorance apparent in one disdainful look that says it all

– unqualified and ill considered in it’s contempt. What it says

is this: I don’t like you, because I don’t understand you!

I don’t like you because I’ve been made to believe I’m better than you.

I don’t like you because your freedom makes me feel uncomfortable.

And in that one look you can see their inbred stupidity

in full genetic flow, floundering in their muddy minds,

desperately trying to grasp your concepts, unable to think outside

their limited and strictly reinforced boundaries of their minds.

Bound to what they know, unable to understand what

they don’t they revert to type and their basic retort.

A retort that says it all, giving their ignorance and

limited mental capacities away in one fell swoop as it

stutters out of their over-developed mouth pieces and

underdeveloped minds:

“What school did you go to anyway?”

In disbelief you check you heard right, after all you thought

they might have moved on, evolved. They confirm you

indeed heard right, that they have not evolved but

are still clinging desperately to their antiquated elitism,

and so you answer, and when you do you can again see

their unqualified distain apparent. And then…it’s over,

you know that once their set piece has been delivered no

matter what you say next, they are closed to you, your ideas,

and from that point onwards you may as well be speaking in

tongues as your words fall on deaf ears, unable to hear through

centuries of skewed believe systems and self-entitlement

unable to understand what matters in life and what doesn’t.

What matters: life for all, understanding, humanity, equality,

the ability to adapt and grow! What doesn’t matter:

What fucking school you went to! Elitism creates stupidity.

Letters of Love: What I Want to Say to You but Can’t


I could fill a book with the things I want to say to you but can’t.

If I were to fill a book it would start with…

I love you!

And continue you thus:

If I were to give myself wholly to a man, he would be a man like you.

I know how you feel!

I see you in your enormity, in your expansive universe.

I see the size of your enormous heart,


I see how much it loves!

I see your strength,


I see your power,

your energy brimming out of the confines of it’s space, wanting to occupy more, envelope more, so you can love more, heal more.

I see this in all that you are!

I see you in all your glory.

You are beautiful!

Beautiful in everything you are and for everything you are.

You are all BEAUTIFUL!

I want to hold you.

I want to laugh with you more often.

There is too much sadness in the world!

I want to love you!

I do love you.

I want to grow with you.

I want to help you become all you can and want to be

I want to feed your roots and encourage your growth.

I want to lay beside you, feel your skin vibrate next to mine.

To satisfy you’re desires, to fill your life with pleasure.

I am a conduit to the center of the universe and as deep and expansive.

I have as much to give.

I know in my soul you are my mate.

You are the most marvelous man I know, have the pleasure of knowing.

I respect and admire you more than almost anyone in my expansive universe.

You are an outstanding example of a man.

LOL if there were more men like you, there would be more happy women😉

You the smartest and funniest man I know. And I know a few!

You get me!

I get you!

I want to B Positive with you!

I love you. I know I’ve said this but I want to say it again and again until you understand.

I will always be here for you.

I will always stand next to you!

I will always believe in who you are and how much of a super-human-being you are.

I have to got to bed!

I am tired and I have cried an ocean of tears that heal, for the universe, for myself.

For what I can’t have.

I wish I could be with you more often.


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